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Brinson James


Brinson James


About Brinson Jame The Entertainers

Brinson James already the most accomplished young rodeo clown in the professional circuit, Brinson James
The Entertainer is just getting started.

Brinson began working in rodeo at the tender young age of 2. Travelling the country with his dad, Hollywood
Harris, one of rodeo's most famous and innovative clowns in the business.

Brinson James has been learning the ins and outs of clowning, comedy and entertainment ever since. By the
age of 10 Brinson was working in rodeos full time, from coast to coast.

Even as a youngster Brinson kept the crowds in stitches with his natural gift for comedy, and he has kept the
laughs coming through the years with an ingenious blend of physical comedy, acrobatics, stand-up, music,
ashy costumes and improv. But being hilarious is just the beginning. Brinson James is a self-taught
professional rodeo clown, and has been dazzling audiences with his original trick roping since he was 16.

Now, in his 20's, Brinson is breaking away from the father-son team and taking the nation by storm as a solo
act, performing at over 45 events annually. Brinsons deep love of rodeo, along with his personal motto,
"Always follow your dream" has led him to be the country's most promising young rodeo clown – and the
most entertaining clown of any age!


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